Meet Jenny

My passion for Interior Design developed at a very young age. I would spend hours laying Mardi Gras beads out to transform my bedroom into a full fledged house, and My first drawings were house plans! Pretty sure I drove my mom and dad crazy, constantly asking them dimensions of household objects to get perspective for space planning. My parents were always very supportive and interested to see my most recent creations.

I followed this passion through, earning my Bachelor’s degree in 2001 from McNeese State University in Family & Consumer Sciences- Interior Design, and a minor in Art and a certification in Kitchen & Bath Design. After college, I started with an internship that turned into a position at The Design Studio working with some amazingly talented women. I then branched out with my own business where I took care of clients doing residential and commercial Interior Design. I feel I have done it all through the years from hand drawing full house plans to designing corporate offices and everything in between. I pride myself on being a problem solver for design and function. I love taking a home from plans through finished product. I really try to listen to the needs of my clients and my primary goal is to create a personalized space where they feel comfortable and at home. I want a client to sit back months and years after completion and love it! As a Designer you can’t just build to the trend or in the moment and expect that to fit everyone’s needs. Its about balancing trends, wants, needs, and helping a client step out of their comfort zone all while keeping their individuality in mind. During my career I have worked with many contractors in the Lake Area. I found myself working on several projects with LaRocque Homes and immediately knew I wanted to work with them long term.

Kyle and Brennan were doing things different. They were wonderful to work with, very hands-on and had an open and honest relationship with their clients. In 2019 we decided to make our collaboration official, and I went to work for LaRocque Homes as their Design Coordinator. We have worked hand-in-hand to design and create a beautiful showroom where I work with our clients to make all selections for their homes. This selection process along with our years of design, build science, and quality construction experience start coming together and our team will take a home from concept to reality. Jenny is happily married to her wonderful husband, Chad, and has 3 awesome kids!